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Audio/Online books 


The Golden Compass

The Book Thief

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time



Recommended articles

These sites are all you need when you want to read super cool, up-to-date articles about celebrities and all their drama!

Simply click on the link and click on “read more” to take a look at the articles. There are also reading activities which you can do after reading the articles. Click on AUDIO to listen to the text.

Make sure you always read the articles at “Current” level (advanced).




  •  Easy Going – Magazines


  • Mary Glasgow – Club/Current Magazines


 Short stories

  • Sleepyhead

Warning, this story will freak you out and give you nightmares. Click on the media player to listen to the story while you read.Download questions about the story here -> Sleepyhead#questions


This is a creepy and sad tale about a haunting ended up affecting a whole family. Click on the media player to listen to the story while you read. Download questions about the story here -> ChristmasHaunting#questions


Welcome to the short story section at east of the web. Find this month’s featured stories above and in the nine genres. You can browse the library by genre or search it for a title, author or keyword. Clicking on an author’s name lists all their stories along with further information and links. Stories can be read online, printed or downloaded for reading offline or on handheld devices.
Fewer and fewer people these days read short stories. This is unfortunate–so few will ever experience the joy that reading such fine work can give. The goal of this site is to give a nice cross section of short stories in the hope that these short stories will excite these people into rediscovering this excellent source of entertainment. Happy reading!

 Recommended Literature

Here you will find an extensive list of books you can read! Read, really? YES!


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