Letter writing has always been a very difficult skill to master. But no worries, we’re here to help you along the way.
Remember; Practice makes perfect!
Still having trouble? Visit the GR4MM4R page for help :)

Download  4-5H/V writing exercise here ->Letter of complaint Chersonisos

Download 4-5H/V Student EXAMPLE – letter of complaint Chersonisos -> example brief 4h complaint – chersonisos

Download  3V/H writing assignment 2 here -> Writing Assignment 2

Download 3V/H writing assignment 3 here -> Writing Assignment 3

Download Writing Layout here -> Letter writing lay out

Download 3M writing assignment Letter to Grandfather Bob -> Short letter to your old grandfather

Download 3M example -> Letter writing 3MAVO voorbeeld brief

Download 4M extra writing assignment here -> 4M extra writing assignment

Download BK VWO writing layout here -> Informal letter writing lay out BK-VWO

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